Three strategies to increase business at your Kirana store

Top 5 online retail business ideas that will help you succeed

In India, the e-commerce sector is a growing industry. By 2025, the Indian e-commerce market is anticipated to be worth US$188 billion. However, the COVID pandemic has sped up the digitization process, and now is the time to have an online store or mobile app if you want to do business.

Due to its focus on tangible goods, the FMCG industry was among those most severely affected. However, grocery businesses need to improve their business strategy if they want to succeed in the new digital environment. An Apptmart specialist offers three suggestions to assist grocery store owners improve their business.

Set up, build, and enhance your online store.

The perfect moment to start your own e-commerce store is right now if you haven’t already moved your Kirana store online. Many of your rivals already use digital technology. Studies and statistics demonstrate the evolving and expanding trends in online purchasing as well as how it may help you increase your sales and business.

Our goal at Apptmart is to assist small and medium-sized businesses in going online. You can successfully sell your products with the aid of tools from our online store like offer management, automated e-mailers to consumers who have abandoned their carts, new offerings, integrated CRM, and others. Visit to view our platform in action by scheduling a demo.

If you haven’t already, now is the time to assess and improve the visual appeal and functionality of your website.

Go big on guerrilla marketing: 

Guerrilla marketing lets you compete with big brands despite their enormous budgets and reach.

To capture your audience’s attention, combine traditional and digital marketing strategies. To inform people about your brand and products, you can hand out pamphlets and place advertisements in your neighborhood newspapers. Additionally, you can efficiently advertise your shop and deals on social media platforms.

Online users, however, value engagement and a human touch. Your personal presence in the vicinity of them might be advantageous.

Strategize your pricing and offer an attractive discount:

Just like malls and online grocery stores, retailers must be savvy with pricing.

One strategy is to group related things together and sell them at a discount.

Over time, as a retailer, you’ll gain a greater grasp of these products and client preferences. Make use of it to increase sales.

Attractive discounts aid in both bringing in new business and keeping existing clients. You can give a variety of welcome discounts, festival discounts, etc. by obtaining a cheap supply of merchandise.

Still unsure about how to use your website and digital marketing? You can always improve your website with a ton of business-enhancing features with the help of our specialists at Apptmart.

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