Best Business Ideas for Women in 2023: Supporting Women in Business

Best Business Ideas for Women in 2023: Supporting Women in Business

In business, as in other fields, women have been breaking down barriers and questioning the status quo. According to the Ministry of Statistics, only 13.76 percent of all entrepreneurs in India are women, putting us behind some other countries, both developing and developed.  Women’s liberation in India has certainly progressed significantly in recent years. Women make up only 13.76 percent of India’s total entrepreneurs, according to data from the country’s sixth economic census, which is hardly caused for celebration. Of the world’s total of 58.5 million entrepreneurs, this represents only 8.05 percent.

However, starting a business is difficult for anyone, and women in particular may face sexism and other barriers. So, to encourage and help women who want to start their own businesses and open doors for their future success, we’ve made a list of the best business ideas for women in 2023.

The Importance of Female-Owned Businesses

“A woman with a voice is by definition a strong woman. But the search to find that voice can be remarkably difficult.” – Melinda Gates

Businesses run by women are vital to the economy and to the advancement of women’s economic independence. The U.S. Small Business Administration says that women-owned businesses create millions of new jobs and about $1.9 trillion worth of economic output each year. In addition, businesses that are majority owned by women are more likely to value their employees’ health and happiness, use ethical and environmentally friendly methods, and give back to the community.

To add to that, the gender gap in business can be narrowed with the help of companies owned by women. Men make up 92.6% of Fortune 500 board members and only 7.4% of Fortune 500 CEOs. If we can help women succeed in business, we can help create a more diverse and equitable business environment for everyone.

Women’s Startups with a Minimal Investment

When starting a business, it is not always necessary to have a large initial capital outlay. It’s a well-known fact that many thriving companies got their humble beginnings thanks to a modest initial investment and a lot of hard work. These are some business opportunities for women that require only a modest financial outlay:

1)Social Media Management: 

Social media management can be a good way to make money, especially if you like coming up with new content for different platforms all the time. Those who want to help small businesses with social media management can hire you.

2)Virtual Assistant: 

There is a high demand for virtual assistant services, and startup costs are low. If you’re good with technology and know how to keep things organized, you might want to become a virtual assistant and help busy executives and business owners.

3)Personal Styling:

Personal styling could be a good job for you if you have a good sense of style and enjoy helping other people look and feel their best. If you have a knack for fashion and would like to help people or companies, you can do so.

4)Event Planning:

Planning events can be a profitable business that doesn’t need much money to get started. You can focus on weddings, family get-togethers, or corporate functions.

Online Business Ideas for Women

Starting a business online is a viable option for entrepreneurs, especially women, in the modern information age. Some suggestions for female entrepreneurs in the digital realm:

“The most successful entrepreneurs I know are optimistic. It’s part of the job description.” – Caterina Fake,
co-founder of Flickr and Hunch

5)E-Commerce Store:

With e-commerce solutions like Apptmart, opening your own online shop is a breeze. Whether it’s organic skin care products or jewellery made with love, you can sell what you’re truly invested in.

6)Online Coaching:

If you have specialized knowledge in a certain area, you might consider offering online coaching services. You can provide coaching for anything from business to health to life.

7)Online Course Creation:

There is a growing need for online courses, and you can fill that void by teaching others what you know. You can start teaching anything from yoga to advertising.


If you have a knack for writing and want to make some money off it, blogging could be the perfect solution. It doesn’t matter if your interest is cooking, travelling, or bettering yourself, you can start a blog about it.

Creative Business Ideas For Women

If you’re a woman and you’re creative, you can choose from a wide variety of business opportunities that give you room to show off your talents. Women, here are some innovative business concepts:

9)Graphic Designing:

Offering your graphic design services to local businesses and consumers is a great way to put your artistic skills to use. Logos, websites, and other promotional materials can be designed for your customers.


Photography is a great example of a business idea that is easy to change to fit your own interests and skills. You can advertise your photography services for events, portraits, or product photography.

11)Artisanal Products:

Create and sell your own artisanal goods online if you have a flair for the creative. Handmade cosmetics and jewelry are just the beginning.

12)Interior Designing:

Interior design is a good field to work in if you have a good eye for beauty and enjoy making places look nice. Provide your interior design knowledge to homes and businesses that could benefit from it.


A successful woman is one who can build a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at her.

While launching a company is no easy feat, it also presents an excellent chance to put one’s skills to use in service of one’s passions. You can change things for the better in your life and the world around you if you decide to pursue entrepreneurship as a woman. There are many options for those who want to start their own businesses, whether it be in the realm of online trading, art, or other creative endeavors.

Apptmart’s 30-day free trial makes it simple to launch an e-commerce venture. Apptmart is an e-commerce platform that makes it easy for businesses to expand into the digital world by giving them everything they need to set up and run an online store. Apptmart makes it easier to set up an online store by giving you a number of helpful tools, such as a website builder, payment processing, and shipping integrations. To top it all off, the platform offers a risk-free 30-day trial so you can try it out and see how simple it is to use.

Put your power in your own hands and launch your own business today. You can help yourself and others by taking charge and starting your own business. You can make a difference in the world by putting your business ideas into action with the right frame of mind, resources, and support. The question is, then, why hold off? Get started with Apptmart now and see where it takes you.


Which businesses can women start with a low initial investment?

Women can start their own businesses with little capital by doing things like providing a service independently, making and selling their own goods online, or opening a brick-and-mortar store.

Can you recommend some profitable online ventures that women can start?

Women can start online businesses by opening an online store, offering virtual services like coaching or consulting, or making and selling digital products like courses or ebooks.

When it comes to starting a business, what artistic approaches have women taken?

Graphic design, photography, making artisanal goods, and decorating are all examples of artistic businesses that women can start.

Please advise me on the best way to launch a company that is solely owned by women.

Before opening for business, women entrepreneurs should do research on the market, make a business plan, and register their businesses. It is also helpful to join a networking group or enrol in a mentorship program to gain access to additional resources and support.

In what ways can a woman-owned business acquire capital?

Banks aren’t the only place women business owners can go to secure financing; other options include crowdfunding platforms and grants designed specifically for female business owners.

How can I market my woman-owned business?

Social media, content marketing, and partnerships with other companies and influencers are all great ways to spread the word about your woman-owned business.

Please explain what exactly is Apptmart.

Apptmart is an e-commerce platform that makes it easy for businesses to expand into the digital world by giving them everything they need to set up and run an online store.

Exactly what does Apptmart provide?

Apptmart offers a number of tools to make it easier to set up and run an online store. These include a website builder with a wide range of templates, safe and easy payment processing, and easy shipping integrations.

If I want to launch an online business, how can Apptmart assist me in doing so?

With Apptmart’s comprehensive suite of e-commerce features, including a risk-free 30-day trial, you’ll have everything you need to launch a successful online store and run your business.

Do first-time users find Apptmart to be intuitive?

It’s true that Apptmart is made with newcomers in mind, with simple interfaces and clear instructions to get you up and running quickly.